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Our highly efficient FR20CD MKIII
full-range point source reproducer...

combines thrilling dynamics and balanced sound
with stable and effortless bass reproduction
within a modestly sized cabinet.
Several unique design principles not only ensure
a very good sound dispersion but also provide
an amazingly flat on-axis response of the full-range
driver which is certainly up to par with the response
of high-grade monitors. In view of these features,
which are not at all common with full-range
loudspeakers concepts, full benefit can be gained from
the point source principle. Therefore our “small”
loudspeaker model can measure up
to the expectations of even the most
critical and experienced music
enthusiast, especially when
driven by one of our
triode power amplifiers.



A single front-mounted high-grade 8″ full-range driver
connected in series with a 12-inch bass transducer
mounted in the side of the cabinet
are loaded by the same
carefully tuned tapered quarter-wavelength tube
(TQWT), which provides a resistive load to the speaker
cones throughout the low-frequency band, thereby
reducing overall cone excursion (and thus speaker
distortion) and ensuring controlled, powerful and
deep bass reproduction. As a result both drivers operate
at full-range. The flat response of the full-range unit
is achieved solely by the impedance rise of the bass
transducer without the help of additional correction
or crossover networks. In this sense the speaker
can be referred to as a true full-range
point source reproducer.

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Cabinet dimensions
108 X 26 X 39 cm.


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A further major element of the design is the
wide-dispersion constant directivity super tweeter
treble horn
radiating from the top of the cabinet.
This unit serves to counteract the (unavoidable) directivity
of the full-range driver in the upper band while leaving
its point-source coherency completely intact,
as it radiates “off-axis" without a crossover point
to the main driver. Such the often encountered yet
rarely addressed problem of listening-room
colorations that are inevitably caused by
directive speakers ist overcome!


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A Tribute to Professional Audio Components
from the Golden Age of the Electronic Tube !