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Our highly efficient FR20CD MKIII
full-range point source reproducer...

combines thrilling dynamics and balanced tonality with
stable, effortless and well extended bass reproduction
featuring a modestly sized cabinet (236 x 416 x 1170 mm).
Several unique design principles not only ensure an
excellent sound dispersion but also an amazingly flat
on-axis response which is certainly up to par with the
uniform response of monitor loudspeakers.

A front-mounted high-grade 8-inch full-range transducer
is connected in series with a 12-inch woofer mounted in
the side wall of the cabinet, both of which drivers are
used in full-range operation mode. Thanks to a unique
open-baffle driver loading the loudspeaker
is capable of powerful, extremely fast
and airy bass response.




A Tribute to Professional Audio Components
from the Golden Age of the Vacuum Tube !