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Our Horn Based 2CD12 Loudspeaker...

combines high efficiency (96dB/W/m), inspite a still
modestly sized (floor standing) cabinet
(416 x 346 x 1170 mm), with balanced frequency
response and excellent sound dispersion.

The loudspeaker exhibits the effortless live sound
which only horn based constructions can attain, and yet
manages the seamless coherency of the best single-cone
point-source transducers. Therefore offering a stunningly
realistic presentation which will easily measure up to the
expectations of even the most experienced and critical
music enthusiast, especially when driven by our all-tube
single-ended triode or EHT based amplifiers.

The 2CD12-LSP features several outstanding design
principles which set it far apart from competitive
loudspeakers components.




A Tribute to Professional Audio Components
from the Golden Age of the Vacuum Tube !