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The 1D66 Loudspeaker is...

a floor-standing two-way loudspeaker with medium
efficiency (91dB/W/m). It features cost-no-object
UNDERHUNG VOICE COIL transducers and combines
balanced response, thrilling resolution and outstanding
imaging with stable and effortless bass reproduction,
inspite a modestly sized cabinet, (236 x 416 x 1170 mm).

It is an ultimate component which will easily measure up
to the highest expectations of even the most critical and
experienced music enthusiast, especially when driven by
our EHT Mono Blocks or the EHT Integrated Amplifier.
In view of its tame impedance behavior, the loudspeaker
also delivers an amazingly realistic presentation
when it is driven by an ultimate all-tube amplifier
of modest power output such as our
SE300B or SE845 Mono Amplifier.




A Tribute to Professional Audio Components
from the Golden Age of the Vacuum Tube !