Thöress 845 Single-Ended Triode Mono Amplifier Description (PDF) Download Manual Picture Gallery

THÖRESS introduces the EHT Mono Amplifier...

The most powerful amplifier model of our product line
provides 30, 40 or 50 watts of output power into
a 8, 6 or 4 ohm load respectively, combined with
very low output resistance (high damping factor).
Such providing excellent drive capability for
loudspeakers with medium to low efficiency or
critical impedance behavior. While offering
an ultimate sonic presentation without
involving exotic and costly power tubes.

The amplifier is based on a unique minimalist
single-ended zero-feedback hybrid circuit which
we call EHT Topology. Basic analysis easily
shows that the EHT topology represents
the PUREST form of all possible
single-ended triode power
amplifier configurations.




A Tribute to Professional Audio Components
from the Golden Age of the Vacuum Tube !