Thöress EHT Integrated Single-Ended Hybrid Triode STEREO Integrated Amplifier Description (PDF) Download Manual Picture Gallery

Our EHT Integrated Amplifier...

offers 2x20 watts of output power into a 6 ohm load
combined with low output resistance (high damping
factor). Such providing excellent drive capability for
loudspeakers with medium to low efficiency or critical
impedance behavior (which may present a challenge for
our all-tube triode amplifiers) while offering an ultimate
sonic presentation without involving exotic and costly
power tubes.

The amplifier is based on a unique minimalist
single-ended zero-feedback vacuum tube MOSFET
hybrid topology which we call EHT Topology
(E/intakt H/ybrid T/riode, single-ended hybrid triode).
The EHT topology allows to fully exploit and mate
the most desirable characteristics of both
vacuum tube and solid state devices
determined by their very nature.




A Tribute to Professional Audio Components
from the Golden Age of the Vacuum Tube !