Thöress 845 Single-Ended Triode Mono Amplifier Description (PDF) Download Manual Picture Gallery

The SE845 Mono Amplifier is...

the flagship of our all-tube power amplifier line.
It employs the famous 845 filamentary power triode
in single-ended operation mode for an output power
of up to 20 watts into a 4, 8 or 16 ohm loudspeaker load.
The 845 power tube works into an ultimate in-house
made output transformer (with highly elaborated dual-
coil winding sitting on a large custom made C-core) and
is excited by an extraordinary single-stage arrangement
utilizing two EL822/CV2382 power pentodes operated
in triode mode with high idle current. The driver is so
powerful that it could (theoretically) drive a loudspeaker
load with very low distortion on its own.

The SE845 Mono Amplifier is an ultimate component
in every respect and as such a worthy complement
to our Dual Function Amplifier or
Full Function Preamplifier.




A Tribute to Professional Audio Components
from the Golden Age of the Vacuum Tube !