Thöress 845 Single-Ended Triode Mono Amplifier Description (PDF) Download Manual Picture Gallery

The most powerful amplifier of our product line...

is equipped with the highly regarded 845 power triode
and is capable of delivering up to 20 watts of power
into a 4, 8 or 16 ohm load. The zero-feedback circuit
incorporates an extraordinary single-stage driver
topology employing two EL803S power pentodes
operated in triode mode. The driver stage is so powerful
that it could (theoretically) drive a loudspeaker
with ultra-low distortion on its own.
The amplifier is entirely hard-wired, while every detail
of the internal construction has been given carefull
attention to ensure reliability and ease of service.

The sound of our “flagship” is of utmost
refinement and will easily measure up to the
expectations of even the most
critical and experienced
music enthusiast.




A Tribute to Professional Audio Components
from the Golden Age of the Electronic Tube !